Below are some FAQ's that we think will either answer your questions or help you make sense of the wePresent device.

wePresent allows up to 64 users to simultaneously connect wirelessly to a display from any laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

wePresent is sold through a network of AV & IT integrators, as well as authorized resellers such as CDW, Gov-Connection, and more. Contact us for more information.

wePresent includes a 2-year manufacturers warranty. Contact your authorized wePresent reseller for more information.

The package contents include:

  • wePresent device
  • plug&show USB token
  • AC power adapter
  • antenna x 2
  • wall mount
  • quick installation guide
  • warranty card

The wePresent unit has both an HDMI and a VGA output on the back. Simply connect either of these to your TV, projector, touchscreen, or other display.

Yes. With built-in HDMI and VGA outputs, wePresent can be adapted to work with full-room AV solutions including AV matrix switchers, presentation switchers, and more.

With it's available onboard 3.5mm audio output jack, sound from the wePresent can also be routed to an external amplifier or sound-system.

Plug a USB cable from any HID compliant touchscreen into the back IWB/USB port on the wePresent unit. You should immediately have touch control of the wePresent's cursor on the standby screen, and you can access the wePresent's built-in touchscreen calibration. > See video

While projecting from any device, you can use the touchscreen to access our built-in annotation overlay, to annotate over your presentation. When projecting from a Windows or Mac computer, you will also be able to control the computer from the touchscreen.

When connected by HDMI, audio is imbedded with the video stream. If you connect your wePresent unit by VGA, simply use the onboard 3.5mm audio jack to output the audio of your presentation.

In unique cases, when the wePresent has rebooted (for instance after a firmware update) your display may not auto-detect the new video signal. In this case, simply press the power button on the front of the wePresent unit to turn it off and back on.

There are 2 different ways to reset the unit to factory default.

  • Open your browser, type in the IP address of the unit, and access the wePresent admin panel. Select the option Reset to Default from the list on the left. Click apply and the wePresent unit will reboot back to factory default.
  • If you cannot reach the admin panel, you can use the hardware reset option. On the bottom of the wePresent unit there is a small, recessed, reset button. Using a small paperclip, press and hold the reset button while powering on the unit. Continue to hold down the reset button until the wePresent logo is visible on your display. This will reset your wePresent to the original factory default firmware and settings.

Before updating your firmware, we recommend saving your current wePresent settings.

  • Open your browser, type in the IP address of your unit, and access the wePresent's admin panel.
  • Select Firmware Upgrade from the list on the left, and select export.
  • We also strongly recommend you reset your wePresent to factory default before updating the firmware> See How

To update the firmware:

  • Download the latest firmware version from our downloads page.
  • Open your browser, type in the IP address of your unit, and access the wePresent's admin panel.
  • Select Firmware Upgrade from the list on the left.
  • Under firmware upgrade, select the choose file to access the new firmware file, and then select upgrade.
  • After the upgrade has finished, your device will reboot
  • Do not power off or unplug the wePresent unit until the firmware upgrade has been completed.

In some unique cases the firmware update may appear to stop at 99%. Please wait an additional 2-3 minutes, and if your wePresent device does not automatically reboot you may manually restart the device using the front power button.

The wePresent is meant to project to a single display for which you configure the settings. However, wePresent does produces 2 output signals simultaneously. When you set the output resolution of the device, you set it for the primary display. However, when you also connect a display to the secondary output, this usually also gives a projection (depending on your display/projector), this projection may not automatically fit the screen.

Absolutely! With the recent release of iOS9, Apple made changes to the protocols for AirPlay, but with the most current firmware version wePresent is compatible with all version's of Apple's iOS AirPlay..

To mirror your current iOS product: Simply swipe up from the bottom, and select your wePresent WiPG-2000 or WiPG-1600 device, then select "mirror".

In some cases users may accidentally enter incompatible (wireless) settings in the wePresent admin panel which may cause the wePresent to be unreachable. Connect the wePresent by LAN-cable directly to any computer. With a direct LAN connection you should be able to reach the Admin page of the device by entering the IP address in your browser, or starting the wePresent software. Here you can adjust the settings correctly, or reset the device to factory default.

In most cases, this is actually due to incorrect setting in your display's menu. Please check the picture settings of your display and make sure they are set to 16:9, fit-to-screen, dot-by-dot, or something silimilar.

If you cannot download and install our software client, you can present using our advance plug & show USB token. Once you make this USB token, it is tied to that specific wePresent unit.

  • Create a new USB token from the standby screen > see how
  • Insert the USB token into your laptop
  • Select the MirrorOp_Mac_PnS or MirrorOp_Win_PnS file and start your presentation

wePresent is fully compatible with any iOS or Android mobile device using our MirrorOp Presenter app, which allows you to present documents, photos, videos, browser content, as well as content from popular cloud locations such as DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive. We also offer our Sender for Galaxy app, which allows user to fully mirror their Android Galaxy devices to the display.

Our WiPG-2000 model also offers AirPlay compatibility, to fully mirror any iOS device to the screen. This video demonstrates how to use the wePresent with your iOS device.

There are two ways that wePresent can connect to your network.

    Standard Client Mode (hardwired to the network)
  • Plug the wePresent into your network using the onboard LAN port.
  • Your network will assign the wePresent an IP address.
  • You can also assign a static IP address to the unit from the admin panel.
  • Users simply connect to your internal network as usual and launch the software.

    AP Client Mode (wireless to the network)
  • Open a browser, navigate to the IP address of the unit, and access the admin panel.
  • Select WiFi setup from the list on the left, enable Wireless LAN, and select Station as the mode.
  • Press the scan button.
  • Select your SSID from the list, select the appropriate encryption and enter the password.
  • The wePresent unit will reboot, then display an IP address from your network.
  • Users simply connect to your internal network as usual and launch the software.

    HotSpot Mode (standalone - no connection to the network)
  • Open a browser, navigate to the IP address of the unit, and access the admin panel.
  • Select WiFi setup from the list on the left, enable Wireless LAN, and select Access Point.
  • Name the SSID, enable and select the appropriate encryption and create a password.
  • The wePresent unit will reboot and display the default IP address (
  • Users simply connect directly to this WiFi signal and launch the software.

There are 3 main ways for a guest to connect and present.

  • Plug & Show USB: This is the easiest connection for guests to connect directly to a specific unit.
  • Guest Network: If your guest network is on a separate subnet, users can manually type the IP address of the unit into the software.
  • WAP Enabled: If the WiFi signal is enabled on the wePresent unit, guests can connect directly to the SSID of the wePresent.

wePresent supports the IEEE standard 64/128 bit WEP / WPA / WPA2-PSK network security. The WiPG-2000 offers full enterprise-level encryption.

Each wePresent device has its own unique MAC address, and when connected, your network will assign each wePresent its own IP address. Make sure to assign different SSID names to each device, so they can be easily recognized by users in various rooms.

When a wePresent is installed in standalone or hotspot mode and not connected to a network, you also have to manually change the IP address of each wePresent unit.

You can manually separate the Wi-Fi channels from each wePresent unit to limit interference.

You can download and install our SNMP Manager software for Windows. With this software utility it is possible to manage multiple wePresent devices across the network.

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